New medals for CarusVini at Mundus Vini – Gaudio silver and Tespero gold!

How many showcases have we seen crowded with the most disparate prizes? Mentions, medals, podiums, crowns, scores.

You can find about a thousand wines that are considered among the top ten in the world.

A paradox, of course, but if it is true that “all that glitters is not gold”, it is also an absolute truth that, behind the market for heroic contests, there is a great ferment at least equal to that of the very nature of wine.

Difficult to draw up a ranking in the ranking. 

There are very sophisticated competitions, others quite naive, others emerging, but each one acquires over time its own expressive identity and the right to have its say on a market that is increasingly directed in two distinct directions. The first one extends its arm to the consumer, the second cuddles the expert.

Wineries can choose which path to take, whether to close themselves inside their working universe, waiting to meet the favours of fate, or to participate by diving into the great exploratory lottery between contests and competitions.

We at CarusVini, thirsty for a confrontation, we have chosen this second path. On tiptoe, we decided to walk on the stage which, in some way, would have given us space and answers.

Our thoughts go further and the international scenario, with its countless events, tells of a very specific choice of a large part of the wine movement. Wine is today a vehicle of fashion, customs, economy, it is a conjunction that brings the consumer closer to the producer and the producer to the buyer, refining not only the logic of the market, but also the line of connection between enthusiasts and experts.

Since the first harvest, CarusVini has accepted the challenge to debate, aware of being a freshman in a structured landscape, but without the fear of those who fear the shadow of giants. To the contrary: confronting ourselves with common philosophies, different paths and new markets has invaded the boundaries of our ambitions, bringing us ever closer to the mission that is now rooted in our production.

And yes, the awards have also arrived. Worldwide.

For this reason, the last two medals at Mundus Vini for the Gaudio (Chianti Classico Gran Selezione)( and Tespero (Syrah IGT Toscana Rosso), awarded respectively with the silver medal and the gold medal fills us with pride.

They are not the first granted by Mundus Vini to CarusVini, but they are the confirmation of an increasingly precise path that sees us, once again, go up on that stage to collect the applause that is usually given to the greats.