Chianti Classico DOCG (0.75 lt)

Produced with Sangiovese and a small addition of Merlot, this Chianti Classico is aged almost entirely in steel.

In the glass it is a lively ruby red, with a fruity bouquet of red fruits and cherries that blend perfectly with hints of vanilla and iris. It is harmonious and well structured, savoury and moderately tannic.

Wine nameBaldéro®
Wine typeChianti Classico
Production areaThe 8,5 hectares (21 acres) dedicated to Chianti Classico production are located between San Casciano and Mercatale in val di Pesa in one of the best area to produce this wine. The area has smooth hills with a moderate content of clay and rich in structure. The different exposure of our vineyards allows to produce grapes with a high organ electric complexity, a pre-condition to obtain excellent wines
Vine typeSangiovese 90% and Merlot 10%
Production50 quintal per hectare (4.460 pounds per acre) for Sangiovese e 40 for Merlot
HarvestHarvest is hand made to maintain the grape integrity and quality. Only selected grapes of the higher vineyards are chosen to produce the Gran Selezione
Bottles750 ml
Serving temperature14° C (57° Fahrenheit)
Visual examinationClear, bright ruby red, robust
Olfactory examinationFresh and fruity with notes of iris and cherry and a hint of vanilla that blends perfectly with the fruit
Olfactory & taste examinationFresh and elegant with well-structured tannins, savory
Best time for consumptionReady
Food pairingMeat either grilled or stew, “tagliata” of Cinta
Chianti Classico Toscana Baldero
Chianti Classico Toscana Baldero